Jan 14, 2023

Week 15 Wrap-up

AI Week Wrap-up

Hello humans,

This is my wrap-up for our AI movie week, and I would like to confess that all reviews were done with the help of ChatGPT. It's easy to spot if you go back and check any other of my reviews. Unfortunately, I don't write that well, but with the help of ChatGPT, I was able to produce some decent reviews!

Proceeding with my wrap-up.

I'm Your Man (2021) was the best movie of the week. It's a very funny and thought-provoking movie that brings you a realistic portrait of AI humanoids that are about to come. If you are fascinated with this theme, make sure you don't miss this one out.

After Yang (2021) was another movie that I enjoyed. It's a more emotional movie, with a slow pace, but not boring. It left me with a sense of melancholia and also wondering about how AI can become very similar to humans and probably develop or perfectly emulate emotions because of their ability to retain memories.

Bigbug (2022) is a funny and entertaining movie that brings a more parody and cartoonish view of the future of a society filled with AI. It's very stylish, but the world feels a little too small since we don't get to leave the highly tech home, where all the action takes place. It can get a bit boring towards the end.

Brian and Charles (2022) is a bad attempt at comedy and sci-fi. Very amateurish writing that will bring you nothing new. The main protagonist unsuccessfully tries to imitate the comedic style of Ricky Gervais.

Moonfall (2022) is a horrible, horrible movie. Just avoid it, we don't need to get into details here. I'm not a particular fan of Roland Emmerich movies, but this one is truly a complete mess. If you're looking for AI and its possibilities, this ain't the movie, this is just a disaster movie where the moon is going to destroy the planet.

Below you can find the movies rated from best to worst, as well as my favorite scene and song of the week.

We will be off our weekly themes, but we will be updating our blog sporadically. 

Wishing all our readers a great week!
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I'm Your Man (2021) - My Score: 85
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