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Me and Krasnaya are really glad that you are here!

As you can tell, this is a movie review blog.

We have a different system for rating our movies. It's an intuitive one (we don't know what the hell we are doing).

This blog is more than just movie talk. You will get to know us because we usually share meaningful stuff about our lives, likes and dislikes, etc. through the movies we review. Sometimes we don't even talk about the movie at all...

Below every movie you will see our individual and final rating (average of both individual ratings). We have the simplest rating system there is:

0-19 = Total Crap - We consider it a total shit movie, simple.

20-39 = Boooooring - We usually fall asleep with these ones. 

40-59 = Not Painful - A-OK movie, it has good and bad stuff.

60-79 = I got the Feelz - We feel something. We cried. We smiled. We trembled.

80-100 = Mind -> Blown - Our lives are forever changed after watching these ones.

Hope you have fun reading or minds and share some of yours with us through the comments.

Sorry to all smartphone users for not having a responsive website. We like to keep it old school around here :)

#Blogspot 4ever <3 

You can contact us through the email: 7.frederico@gmail.com

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