Jul 25, 2015

Cold Fish (2010)

Cold Fish movie poster 2010
Cold Fish is a 2010 Japanese serial killer film directed by Sion Sono. The film is about a quiet and unambitious owner of a tropical fish shop whose life and family are taken over by a fellow fish entrepreneur who happens to be a serial killer. The film is loosely based on the exploits of two Tokyo serial killers, Sekine Gen and Hiroko Kazama, a husband and wife duo who owned a pet shop and murdered at least four people.

When Syamoto's teenage daughter is caught stealing, a generous middle-aged man helps resolve the situation. The man and his wife offer to have Syamoto's troublesome daughter work at their fish store. Syamoto soon discovers the horrific truth of the seemingly perfect couple.

F: You get the info at the beginning that the movie is based on a real story. I didn't know anything about the murders which inspired the story, so I was pretty astonished with all the grotesque stuff going on, and wondering how much of what was happening was true. After the crazy killer duo snuffs the 1st victim, the film gets pretty intense. I was fully absorbed at that moment. All hell breaks loose on that scene, along with great music, great direction, and great acting.

P: The movie was interesting and I had high hopes for it, but it turned out to be kind of hard to watch at some points. The characters don't inspire much sympathy; they all seem to lack realism. Maybe it's the Japanese way that's so different from our western culture, but it didn't stick with me.

F: The cultural difference you mention works for me, but yeah, sometimes Nobuyuki's pussyness and lack of action was hard to believe.

dirty shamoto

P: Had a few funny scenes :SPOILER ALERT: like the blood wrestling, and I really liked that one where Mr. Murata is pushing on Syamoto's ass to make him have sex with his wife. Crazy ass Japanese! But it was all about Mr. Murata and he was just too much of a weird and annoying character.

F: I laughed out loud when Syamoto punches his daughter to sleep while he is raping his wife. Jeez this last sentence feels so wrong, but the truth is, I'm 100% desensitized to movie violence by now and that throw was hilarious. I liked Mr. Murata. He creeps the fuck out of me.

mr murata

F: One of the writers of the movie, Takahashi Yoshiki, also drew inspiration from the Kitakyushu Serial Murder Incident; you can check out that sick motherfuckin' hard to believe stuff HERE. The writers added much of their twisted imagination to the script, also, specially on the sex scenes. As you can see in the following picture of Kazama Hiroko (the real murder wife), she didn't look that hot.

Kazama Hiroko Sekine

P: Some scenes dragged on for too long, and I thought the ending was rather clumsy. All in all, an OK film because of Taeko's titties. Good job!

F: Yes, let's forget all the macabre and fiendish blood violence and make a full disclosure on the breasts present in this movie. We've got 2 pairs for you this time, boobie lovers!

japanese boobies for ya

F: Anyway if you're into twisted serial killer flicks, you should definitely see this one.

Preset C score: 52/100
Freddy's score: 76/100

Thanks for the suggestion Nuno.

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