Jul 7, 2015

The Party (1968)

The Party (1968) movie poster
The Party is a 1968 comedy film directed by Blake Edwards, starring Peter Sellers and Claudine Longet. The film has a very loose structure, and essentially serves as a series of set pieces for Sellers's improvisational comedy talents. The Party is considered a classic comedic cult film. Edwards biographers Peter Lehman and William Luhr said, "The Party may very well be one of the most radically experimental films in Hollywood history; in fact it may be the single most radical film since D.W. Griffith's style came to dominate the American cinema."

After getting fired from General Federal Studios, Junior Artiste, Hrundi V. Bakshi, ends up getting invited to an upscale party thrown by the wealthy Clutterbuck family. After his tryst with his shoe, he is aided by an inebriated butler and a baby elephant to create hilarious chaos for the hosts and their chic guests.
freddy's score of 40-60 not painful
F: (DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED IT) When the camera follows Hrundi on the pool scene and shows you that there is a guy waiting for his turn to play, and the look Hrundi gives the guy, oh man, that was something! This is definitely my favorite scene.
hrundi learns how pool works

F: By now, I've seen too much slapstick comedy and guys doing Indian accents to laugh out loud at this one, but overall, I think this is a really great comedy for the 60's. It's not like I have seen many comedies from that period, so, do you know of a must-watch?

hrundi breaks his diet

F: When the elephant got to the party, I was tired and bored of the party, so I decided to leave. A movie by Peter Sellers that I am a big fan is Being There (click here) and check that one out, that one is truly unique.

do not paint the elephant please

F: Thank you Bahar for this suggestion.

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  1. I gave it 9 because my personal affection for Peter Sellers can't see a bit of negativity about his work but overall it was a decent review,keep it up