Jan 13, 2016

Legend Nº 17 (2013)

Legend Nº 17 (2013) movie poster
Legend nº17 is a 2013 Russian biopic film directed by Nikolai Lebedev starring Danila Kozlovsky as Valeri Kharlamov and Oleg Menshikov as Anatoliy Tarasov.
It was produced by Trite Studio. The film is based on real events and tells of the rise to fame of the Soviet hockey player Valeri Kharlamov and about the first match of the Summit Series USSR — Canada 1972.
The film was awarded with six Golden Eagle, including as the best Russian film of the year.
The filmmakers received the State Prize of the Russian Federation for the year 2013 in 2014.The movie has been described as a personal favourite of Vladimir Putin.

Biopic of Russian ice hockey legend Valeri Kharlamov from early childhood, rising to the pinnacle of the sport and his untimely death.

K: “Legend 17” is an inspiring and "spiritualized" film about a legend, ice hockey forward “little golden” boy Valeri, who had a dream… to be the best player and beat Canada's hockey team one day!

F: First of all, I would like to thank my dear friend Nika for showing me this movie and for bringing me closer to my hero, Vladimir Putin, who is a great fan of the film. Why is he my hero? I did a little explanatory image montage explaining why:

Putin Animal Compilation
F: Don't come singing Putin Huylo around my blog XD

K: The movie starts in Spain with a Running of the Bulls episode where little Valeri saves a little puppy’s life despite the danger of himself getting trampled. After that scene you have no idea of what’s going on… hot Spain, cold Russia. If you are Russian, everything in “Legend 17” makes you feel proud of Russia (Soviet Russia) and if you aren’t Russian, you can definitely feel the winners’ spirit! After all, we’re the nation that beat Napoleon and Hitler (Freddy’s words ahah). About the picture… you’re totally immersed in the Soviet atmosphere, and everything is made without any flaws! So your pride grows, slowly building from Chebarkul’, through pain, failure, insult, ridicule, love, honesty, hope, and so on… But something still smells American, right? Yep! In some ways, Legend 17 is a hypertrophic story about achieving a dream, and you just can’t stop watching it… The coach’s words “Defend the gates, defend them as a child!” That made me feel goose bumps! The actors! They are all magnificent, each one perfectly cast! The film focused on two legends – Valeri Kharlamov (Danila Kozlovski) and Anatoli Tarasov (Oleg Menshikov)… the roles are amazingly played by these actors…. You just feel ready to get up and defend when Oleg’s Menshikov eyes are staring at you through the screen!

F: My blog is just full of Russian patriotism now! Ahaha, love it. Krasnaya just took over this place. Prepare for a lot more Russian movies coming in!

ugly bobby clark
F: Uuuuuuugly
K: The director found good ways to express the emotions of the main characters – the confrontation between the bull and matador while the game between Russians and Canadians is played; Tarasov who couldn’t stay with CSKA playing spiritual and shamanistic hockey in the yard next to his house… Also, while watching the main game I was asking myself why do we do, such silly things like showing Canadians as wild animals and chewing gum all the time as it looks ridiculous, funny AND disgusting! Until you watch the real game in 1972 where the Canadians looked even more wild and self-confident, even playing the death march tune in advance!

F: Well, I’m leaving the video of the real game beneath so that you guys can check it out. Canadians were acting like real arrogant pricks ahah, they didn’t even use their helmets!

F: About the movie now. I don't care much about ice hockey, so I was a little reluctant about watching this one, but it turned out to be a very entertaining and really great movie! The two main actors were awesome, with Danila as Valeri and Oleg as the "father of Russian hockey", Tarasov. I enjoyed the CGI stuff that everyone says is shit, and I got to learn some stuff about hockey history and how the Ruskies beat Canada back in '72. I just don't understand why they didn’t include the info that Kharlamov died in a car accident when he was 33 years old. Just a little info at the end wouldn't have hurt.

Russians hanging on a wire
F: I wonder if my favorite scene ever happened
K: It’s a great movie which makes you appreciate THE TEACHER, the one who gives you his soul and kicks your ass too! So “Love and play, and make your choices every day!”

F: If you have never watched a Russian flick and you want to try something new but you're too afraid of leaving Hollywood, give this one a chance, you'll not regret it.

Freddy's Score: 70/100
Krasnaya Score: 87/100

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