Jan 17, 2016

Piter FM (2006)

Piter FM (2006) movie poster
Piter FM is a 2006 Russian comedy romance film directed by Oksana Bychkova and starring Ekaterina Fedulova, Evgeniy Tsyganov and Alexey Barabash. The plot revolves around the serendipitous and unexpected romance between a young man and a young woman living in post-Soviet St. Petersburg. Piter FM was nominated for 6 different awards at the MTV Russia Movie Awards, 2007.
source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piter_FM

Lyrical story about two young people, Masha and Maxim, who have to decide what to do.

F: This is the first romantic comedy appearing on my blog I think... Apart from "Before Sunrise" (love that movie), I usually need to go to the hospital to get my eyes back in their sockets after watching romantic flicks. I took an indigestion pill just in case before starting watching this. But hey, this turned out to be OK!

K: So, Freddy, finally welcome to my Piter! I hope you enjoyed 5160 seconds with Marusya and Maxim here in the incredible, soulful and mysterious city of St. Petersburgh. Doesn't it have the best rooftops ever!? I was smiling while watching it... and I know you were doing the same. Why? Because everything in this movie is just fulfilled with light, relaxation, romance and soul! Did you feel it, Freddy? Those tiny notes of sadness!?

F: Krasnaya I'm a guy. I don't discuss my feelings. Have you heard about spontaneous human combustion? That's what happens. But yeah, the rooftops are cool.

forever alone guy in Piter FM
Forever alone...
K: Music!!! The unhurried action is accompanied by pleasant music, by musicians who love and live in Piter. I have strong feelings now about sitting like Marusya on the windowsill (even if it's - 12 outside) listening to music, watching the Neva river, dreaming about everything and smoothly smoking my imaginary cigarette (I don't smoke)! The cinematography and direction makes me live and feel with Marusya and Maxim! For me there are two impressive scenes, the one between Marusya and Kostya when she says no to the wedding and you can hear the welding machine working in the background; the other one is when Maxim is on the roof... full of air, dreams and hope!

F: The way the movie ends is just perfect for me. It's amazing how they accomplished making a romantic movie where the main characters never end up meeting! It's great that you don't have to be there staring in discomfort and pain at 2 actors kissing for 5 minutes. Yeah I'm feeling pretty lonely...

hobo scene piter fm
Don't put old photos of you with your ex in the trash if you don't want homeless people masturbating to them
F:As well as falling in love with Ekaterina Fedulova, I fell in love with St. Petersburg. It is a really interesting city. Hope I can visit it someday. The movie also has some very funny scenes, like the one with the hobo looking at Maxim and his ex-girlfriend's pictures, or the one where Maxim handles his coat to the guy with marital problems.

Ekaterina Fedulova
Pretty pretty Ekaterina
K: Actors! The director made an amazing decision with these 2 young actors! Evgeni Tsyganov and Ekaterina Fedulova. There's great harmony between them. In some small scenes, they played great. There are famous Russian actors, like Vladimir Mashkov (guy who asks for sex) and Andrey Krasko (RIP). Each of these scenes lasts 3 mins, but how much do they teach about Russia? Da, Freddy? The point of the movie is: even if we live in a huge anthill, someday we'll find our own path with someone special near us...you just need to feel alive and be careful with yourself...and sometimes, when you're lost, just flip a coin.

F: Piter FM explores some stuff that I've been through in my life, so I end up identifying myself with some of the characters' struggles, real 1st world problems. It's a cool movie, but beware that it can have his cheesy moments... like slow motion stuff... brrrr!  

Krasnaya score: 93/100
Freddy's score: 68/100

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