Apr 24, 2022

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild (2022)

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild (2022) Movie Poster
The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild is a 2022 American computer-animated adventure comedy film directed by John C. Donkin, in his feature directorial debut, with a screenplay by Jim Hecht, Ray DeLaurentis, and William Schifrin. It is a spin-off of the Ice Age franchise and a standalone sequel to Ice Age: Collision Course. The film stars Simon Pegg (reprising his role as Buck), with Vincent Tong, Aaron Harris, Utkarsh Ambudkar, and Justina Machado also starring in the film.

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild continues the escapades of the possum brothers Crash and Eddie who set out to find a place of their own. Together with the one-eyed weasel, Buck Wild, they face the dinosaurs who inhabit the Lost World.

Freddy and Krasnaya Movie Review

F: There isn't much to say about this movie. It sucks 🤮. I remember liking the first Ice Age, but not its sequels. This one is truly horrible. The rhythm is way off, everything is rushed in this uninteresting story about a big brain dinosaur that wants to be an Ice Age Hitler and some possums who go looking for adventure and find Buck... Don't want to sound like a possum racist. But I hate those characters. Why is this movie even called "Adventures of Buck Wild" when the focus is on the stupid possums?

K: Freddy, you are totally right! What a waste of time! One third of the time I was napping, the movie is so boring, none of the characters grab your attention. I didn't get why Buck is in the title of the movie also, as all the attention goes to the two naughty and annoying possums.

Possums eating marshmellows Ice Age Wild Buck
The uncharismatic hero possums
F: I was watching the Brazilian dubbed version (my kid doesn't get English yet) and that might have worsened the experience also. I've seen some good dubbed movies but this one wasn't the case. The possums were super annoying, they had really high pitched voices. You couldn't understand a word they were saying sometimes. For this movie, it really didn't matter if you understood what they were saying because there was nothing to be understood. The story goes around fighting and running, fighting and running and whatever...

K: The quality of the animation is terribly bad too. On the first Ice Age you could even feel the fluffiness of Manfred or Sid. Here every character is poorly done!
F: Come on, is not that bad 😂

Big Brain Dinosaur Jump Scare
Ok, I laughed on this scene
F: I've stopped paying attention sometimes and drift off to some bizarre thoughts that I usually have. It happens every time I am bored. If you want to watch an animation with your kids, go for something good like "Raya and the Last Dragon", "Luca" or "Wish Dragon". Don't waste your time and your child's brain cells on this piece of 💩. Seems to me like the people behind this tragedy (looking at you Disney) of an animated movie just want to keep on squeezing the Ice Age cow. Shocker...

Ice Age Sid is strong
Strong little wee fella
K: This movie is meaningless, you feel no empathy for the characters, no funny moments, zero morality. IT'S THAT BAD! So if you have trouble falling asleep you can try to put the movie on, but I say that it's about time for the Ice Age to go extinct.

Freddy's Score: 19/100
Krasnaya's Score: 15/100



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