May 9, 2022

Hello everyone!
This week on the menu we have movies by the director, Kira Muratova! 
Who? Exactly. Our theme for this week was secretly chosen by Krasnaya. I've seen that most of the movies we are going to watch have a 2 hour runtime average, and are mostly in black and white. So, I'm hoping to not die from tedium 😛. Just kidding, I'm excited to get to know this director's work.

Kira Georgievna Muratova was a Soviet-Ukrainian award-winning film director, screenwriter, and actress of Romanian/Jewish descent, known for her unusual directorial style. Muratova's films underwent a great deal of censorship in the Soviet Union, yet still Muratova managed to emerge as one of the leading figures in contemporary Russian cinema and was able to build a very successful film career from the 1960s onwards. Her work has been described as possibly 'one of the most distinctive and singular oeuvres of cinematic world-making. Kira Muratova died on June 6, 2018, in her Odessa apartment.

"Harmony doesn't mean balance. You must destroy something symmetrically, break the rules. It's only then that things grab you."  – Kira Muratova

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