May 30, 2022

Week 5 Theme Announcement

Hello people!
Last week we said goodbye to a very familiar face from Hollywood. Ray Liotta died on the 29th of May in his sleep. He was in the Dominican Republic filming the movie "Dangerous Waters". He was 67.

Any cinema lover will know him for his main role as Henry Hill in "Good Fellas". "I’m funny how? Like a clown? Do I amuse you?" - This scene with Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci is one that will always be remembered by anyone who watches this movie. It is an important piece of cinema history.

Liotta is not known for being a leading man, but a great supporting actor, usually a baddy. As he said - "It would be nice to do a movie where I didn't have to choke the girl to get her."

It goes without saying that this week we put aside our lottery jar and are dedicating our themed week to Ray Liotta. We will be watching 5 movies that he participated in. We're not watching "Good Fellas" or "Cop Land" because "everyone" has watched those. We will be watching movies with him that me and Krasnaya haven't watched before.

Join us and celebrate with us the life and work of Ray Liotta.

Bad guys stand out in people's minds. If you think about De Niro or Pacino, you're not going to say Stanley & Iris (1990), you are not going to say Author! Author! (1982). Even with Brando, you are going to say The Godfather (1972) or Street Car. It is the edgier characters that are remembered. That's my rationalization. - Ray Liotta

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