Jun 27, 2022

Week 9 Theme Announcement

Xavier Dolan Movie Week

Hiya everyone!
So, this week's theme is dedicated to Xavier Dolan. This is what we got in our raffle, a director chosen by Krasnaya... obviously.

Krasnaya chose this director because of the movie Mommy (2014), which we watched back in 2016, and because she wanted to piss me off. Check our review here. I think we're going to see a lot of gay stuff and listen to music that makes my stomach hurt.

I would like to make it clear that I'm not a homophobic; adults should do whatever the hell they want to do sexually with other HUMAN ADULTS. I'm also fine with them being married, being on TV, raising children, whatever. BUT, I don't like to see male homo "stuff" in front of me. Sorry gay dudes, you are usually very attractive people, but when you are doing your sexual stuff with others, I make a grimace. I can't help it. Just thinking about all that hair makes me go brrrrrrrr!!!! So, just tell me to f**k off and don't be a snowflake about my expressed feelings. 

Now that I have got that off my chest, let's see what gay movies we're watching this week. All men are welcome in my blog and I hate you all equally.

Homosexuality is like an inside baseball thing. It's like a gag that people share; 'How is your husband?' But when it comes to bringing diversity to a broader audience, suddenly it's a different road. It's what we call 'a risk.' Isn't it our responsibility to elevate the standards and change people's perceptions? - Xavier Dolan

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