Jul 4, 2022

Week 10 Announcement


Hiya everyone!
This week our movie raffle gave us another category picked by Krasnaya.

This time I'm happy about it :). We got BAFTA 2022 Outstanding British Nominees.

We have already watched the 2022 movie winner in this category and you can check our movie-talk here: Belfast.

I always expect the best movies from our oldest allies, so I'm excited about this week.

See you tomorrow.

The BAFTA Award for Outstanding British Film is given annually by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts presented at the British Academy Film Awards. The award was first given at the 1st British Academy Film Awards, first recognizing the films of 1947, and lasted until 1968. For over two decades a specific category for British cinema did not exist, until it was revived at the 46th British Academy Film Awards, recognizing the films of 1992. It was previously known as the Alexander Korda Award for Best British Film; while still given in honor of Korda, the award is now called "Outstanding British Film" and recognizes "outstanding and original British filmmaking which shows exceptional creativity and innovation.

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