Sep 5, 2022

Week 13 Announcement

John Leguizamo Movie Week

Hello gente bonita!

Want to know what we got for this week from our movie raffle? Do you? Do you?

We are taking a 5 day trip to (drum roll) ANGOLA!
Oh, you could already tell from the picture above...

This week we are looking for movies taking place in Angola or done by some director from this beautiful country in Africa. We don't know what we will have and this is going to be a difficult search because we are talking about a country that is not prolific in cinema productions.

But it's time to be! People in Angola need to make movies and show us. That is if you have taken care of all the urgent social issues you used to have or still have... Don't want to sound like a prick because I don't know shit about Angola, never been there. My father worked there for a few years, as well as a friend of mine. Sadly, most of the feedback is negative. Corruption and poverty are the first words that come to mind.

So, you need to fix that shit so that you can bring us some beautiful pictures of that amazingly beautiful country.

So let's travel to the land of The Giant Sable Antelope and find out what it has to offer us.

See you tomorrow!

“Omunu nda ├▒go wafa kami ondalu, ava vasyala vayota - The person who dies does not extinguish the fire, the living continue to use it.” - Angolan Proverb in Umbundu (one of the Bantu languages spoken in Angola).

Our blog is back with daily updates. See you everyday at 21:00 (WEST).

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