Jan 3, 2023

The Outfit (2022)

The Outfit is a 2022 American psychological crime drama thriller film directed by Graham Moore in his directorial debut from a screenplay by Moore and Johnathan McClain. The film stars Mark Rylance who leads an ensemble cast including Zoey Deutch, Johnny Flynn, Dylan O'Brien, Nikki Amuka-Bird, and Simon Russell Beale.

An expert cutter must outwit a dangerous group of mobsters in order to survive a fateful night.
Freddy's Movie Review

F: Hello friends! This is the second movie of our week dedicated to Zoey Deutch, and we were excited to see "The Outfit." Set in 1956 Chicago, the movie follows the story of an expert suit maker played by Mark Rylance. As he establishes his business, he becomes intertwined with the local crime ring, who use his services and his shop as a drop-off point for mysterious packages. These packages are assumed to be cash, meant to be picked up by the boss' men.

Zoey Deutch The Outfit GIF
Zoey Deutch as Mable Shaun
F: The Outfit is a thrilling crime movie that starts slow but quickly picks up the pace and keeps you engaged until the end. Set entirely in a tailor shop, the film is a masterclass in suspense and features exceptional performances from the cast. Mark Rylance is particularly impressive as Leonard, the patient and meticulous cutter, while Johnny Flynn shines as the serious mobster with snappy dialogue and a dangerous look. Zoey Deutch is also strong in her role, although her character's frequent use of profanity may feel out of place in the 1950s setting.

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That was tricky
F: Despite a few minor flaws, "The Outfit" is a truly surprising and original movie that keeps you guessing until the end. With lots of twists and mysteries to unravel, it's a must-see for fans of the crime thriller genre. By the end, you'll be left with a newfound appreciation for tailor-made suits and a violent understanding of the mobster world. Don't miss this impressive debut from director Graha Moore.

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Spoiler Alert...
Freddy's Score: 90/100



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