May 22, 2022

Sundance Midnight movies 2021

Hello dear visitors!

That was it for our third themed week here at Cine It.

This category was very interesting and I've already added to our mystery box another paper with the same midnight selection of movies but from another year of the Sundance Festival. I don't know if Krasnaya is going to be very happy about that. 😂

I was happy to find movies like Mother Schmuckers, Censor and Knocker. I only regret having watched Violation.

Below you can find the movies we've watched listed from best to worst according to our ratings. Tomorrow a new theme will be announced. 

Have a great week!
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Mother Schmuckers - Click Here
Censor Movie Review - Click Here
Knocking Movie Review - Click Here
Coming Home in the Dark Movie Review - Click Here
Violation Movie Review - Click Here

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