May 18, 2022

Knocking (2021)

Knocking is a 2021 Swedish thriller film directed by Frida Kempff and written by Emma Broström, based on a short story by Johan Theorin. The film stars Cecilia Milocco, Krister Kern, Albin Grenholm, Ville Virtanen, and Alexander Salzberger. The film had its world premiere at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival on January 30, 2021.

Molly suffers a traumatic incident due to an eerie sound from upstairs in her new apartment. As the noises grow more desperate and sound more and more like screams for help, Molly realizes that her neighbors are not listening when she goes to them for help. In a disturbing search for the truth, Molly realizes that no one believes her, and begins to question herself
Freddy and Krasnaya Movie Review

K: The second film of our themed week and yet another psychological thriller that tells the story of Molly (Cecilia Milocco) who has returned home from a psychiatric clinic after a severe personal loss. In my opinion, the film turned out great. Director Frida Kempff in 1 hour and 18 minutes, was able to convey all the helplessness and loneliness of Molly, which drove her to another psychotic episode. The end of the film remains a mystery - was there ever a knock?

F: Hiya there. I would like to start first by saying that if you want to watch good movies, never trust IMDb ratings. Complete nonsense. This is a great movie. Short and "sweet". An excellent job done by director Frida Kempff  in portraying someone with schizophrenia. The way the movie intends to confuse the viewer is very similar to that one used in the previous movie we've watched (Censor). We can never be sure if Molly is imagining things or that things are actually happening and are mere coincidences. Now, I shit you not, the first time someone knocks on the ceiling in the movie, my neighbor starts banging on the wall and keeps doing it for 15 minutes or so! How's that for a coincidence? I'm glad I didn't smoke any weed. 😅

This guy is a pedophile I'm certain
I still don't trust this guy... 👀
K: Yap, Freddy! What a coincidence it was! Knock, like Censor, is a "one-person show". A bright emotional performance by Cecilia Milocco sticks you to the screen. I felt all the pain of  the main character to the despair of not being able to hug the person you love, and that uncomfortable feeling of being a stigmatized person. Separately, I want to highlight the camera work. It pulls you to the screen with a gloomy and depressive atmosphere, and at the moment of Molly's psychosis, when the camera spun along with her crazy look, I physically started feeling uncomfortable.

F: One can only feel sadness about the loneliness of Molly, and discomfort while staying with her in her apartment as the days and her mental illness progress. Maybe it's just me who's a bit paranoid also, but I never cast aside the possibility of someone really in need of help, or a big conspiracy going on with all the neighbors. This is why the movie works really well for me. I can fit in Molly's shoes very easily because of the way the story is told.

Molly needs to slow down
Slow down on the mollies bruh. 
K: Knocking is a personal drama, a gloomy and at the same time touching story that plays a game of "believe it or not" with you.

F: This is a short emotional journey of a movie with plenty of suspense to leave you hanging. A great debut narrative feature film from Frida Kempff. I hope we can see more of her movies in the future and I'm definitely checking out Cecilia Milocco's previous work.

The green fairy will f**k you up
Absinthe is never a good idea. Trust me, I know.
Freddy's Score: 72/100
Krasnaya's Score: 75/100



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