Jun 23, 2022

Hold Up Down (2005)

Hold Up Down is a 2005 Japanese comedy movie directed and written by SABU. It stars the members of the popular boy band V6: Sakamoto Masayuki, Nagano Hiroshi, Inohara Yoshihiko, Morita Go, Miyake Ken, and Okada Junichi.

Two robbers, three cops, a wanted criminal and a former priest's lives are intertwined when a bank heist goes wrong.

Freddy and Krasnaya Movie Review

K: Today we have Hold Up Down, another movie by SABU, filmed in the same year as Dead Run. And here, too, SABU weirdly touches on the Christianity subject. I'm interested in knowing what happened to him in 2005; that he could not avoid this theme in any way. Hold Up Down turned out to be jerky and uneven in mood. Sometimes a smile appeared on my face and sometimes I was hand-gesturing to hurry it up (the fight scene was unbearably long). Still, I watched the film to the end. It turned out to be trashy, with a lot of banter, farce and clichés.

F: Whoah! What a mess of a movie! I don't understand if SABU in 2005 was high on Jesus or high on crack! What I experienced yesterday was just terrible and I started to get so annoyed that I turned the movie off at the hotel scene when the police woman started pointing and laughing. There's way too many characters and too many jumps from one to the other. It's tiring and I didn't like any of them. The movie also has a TV Sunday afternoon movie feel and seems directed at children. But it is not. The comedy and situations are beyond stupid and I bet that not even a 10-year-old will find them funny.

Sixth Sense GIF
That Sixth Sense
K: SABU gave the main roles to the guys from the boy band V6, and for me, they fit well into this film, which does not require any special disclosure of the characters. From all that I saw, I only liked the hotel part. There's a very beautiful building in that scene and I loved how SABU showed this long corridor that's clearly leading to hell. Masato Ibu (who plays a bartender) looks creepy here. He doesn't say a word, but you can feel that he's on the evil side.

F: I bet V6 sucks ass! What was it with SABU and boy bands during this period also?? Wasn't the main actor from Dead Run also in a boy's band? SABU was onto some weird shit that was damaging his creativity... Anyway, this movie gets 5 points for solidarity with SABU, and 5 points for the fat guy (Yuki Himura) with the baseball bat that makes an excellent GIF and for the part where the detective, or whatever he is, says that he's using his sixth sense. That's it. I have nothing more to say, since I didn't even watch "Hold Up Down" 'till the end. 

Yuki Himura GIF
Yuki Himura
K: This film turned out to be not my cup of tea, it didn’t hook me. I didn’t tear my stomach from laughter looking at all the absurdity of what was happening. Probably, fans of V6 will like it. I cannot recommend it.  

F: I wasn't expecting this from SABU, but it pains me to say that this is a total crap movie and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Don't hold it up, put it down... down in the trash. Sorry SABU.😢

Barman GIF
Masato Ibu
Freddy's Score: 10/100
Krasnaya's Score: 20/100





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