Jun 20, 2022

Week 8 Theme Announcement


Hi everyone!

No big news here for those who have been following us here at Freddy's Cine It. We are just formalizing our 8th week theme. Let's keep watching SABU's movies.

We will bring you the best scenes, music and awesome GIFs.

Join us, comment and have fun!

So, the truth is, I've made so many films, but I still don't consider myself a filmmaker. I didn't have a particular desire to be a filmmaker in the beginning, so I still lack the confidence, to tell you the truth. I think it really helped that I worked for over 10 years as an actor, so I knew how the crew was supposed to function, and I understood how the set operates, and I had a sense of that. I also like to create stories, and that helped, as well. I was also in a band and so was interested in music, so I knew how to incorporate score, for instance. I also studied at the Osaka fashion school, so I had a sense of how art, fashion and wardrobe were supposed to work, as well. And it just all comes down to watching a lot of movies: There a lot of movies that became a model for me, so that's how I learned. - SABU in 2015

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