Aug 29, 2022

Week 12 Announcement

John Leguizamo Movie Week

Hello folks!

We're back for our themed weeks and our little lottery has brought us movies with John Leguizamo in a leading role this week. It's 5 days, 5 movies, from Tuesday to Saturday. Tradition continues here at Freddy's Cine It.

Why Leguizamo? I have no fu**ing idea why we have his name written on our magic papers, but I was the one who wrote it, not Krasnaya.

I must have probably seen a bit of stand-up from him that I enjoyed and that's why I decided to try some of his comedy films.

We are always looking for hidden gems and surprising films, and we hope to find it all with this Colombian-born actor and comedian who's not a big name in Hollywood or in independent cinema. 

See you tomorrow!

Leguizamo's Hollywood career started in 1993 after playing the lead part as Luigi in the Super Mario Bros movie. Despite being considered a critical and financial failure universally this became one of John's most memorable roles. This movie provided a boost to his career, allowing him to appear in better comedic roles in the following years. Also in 1993, he had a prominent role in Brian De Palma's Carlito's Way as Carlito Brigante's nemesis, "Benny Blanco from the Bronx," which also boosted his career in serious roles.

“There were no Latin people on 'Star Trek,' that this was proof that they weren't planning to have us around for the future.” - John Leguizamo

Our blog is back with daily updates. See you everyday at 21:00 (WEST).

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