Nov 15, 2022

"Week" 13 Wrap-up

Angola Trip Week Wrap-up

Hi everyone!

And this is the wrap up of our week dedicated to Angola that took a little longer than expected to complete... such was the boredom that Air Conditioner caused us that we didn't feel like watching movies and doing reviews for a long time. Lie, we were simply full of work. 👀

Another Day of Life (2018) is a movie that tells a true story about the beginning of the war in Angola through the perspective of a Polish war journalist. The movie is very interesting and perfect for rotoscoping animation lovers. I have some books yet to be read that end up being recommended by this film, and today I am in the middle of the Fidel Castro biography that I ended up opening because of the movie.

Into the Okavango (2018) takes us on a cinematically fascinating adventure with a team of explorers from different countries in South Africa. This documentary serves as a great lesson in geography and survival, and it's a must watch to wild life documentary fans.

Death Metal Angola (2012) is a documentary that shows us the unlikely Death Metal bands in Angola and tries to elucidate why they exist. Once again we are approached by the theme of war.

Hollow City (2004) is a genuinely Angolan film. There are no whites here apart from Ana Bustorff. An actress I don't appreciate very much. Despite the bad acting, and a predictable story, it's worth seeing to get a little sense of what Luanda would be like in times of war.

Air Conditioner (2020) boring. Just skip it and don't torture yourselves.

Our blog is not currently being updated because we have little time to watch movies and write our reviews. We are watching some mini-series that we can more easily fit into our daily schedule. Probably, we will soon be able to review some of these series.

Below we have this week's (month is more likely) movies ordered from best to worst.
Thanks for stopping by!

Critical Thinking Review - Click Here
Another Day of Life (2018) - Our Score: 92 
Into the Okavango Review - Click Here
Into the Okavango (2018) - Our Score: 79
Death Metal Angola Review - Click Here
Death Metal Angola (2012) - Our Score: 72,5
Hollow City  Review - Click Here
Hollow City (2004) - Our Score: 52,5
The Pest Review - Click Here
Air Conditioner (2020) - Our Score: 27,5

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