May 15, 2022

Kira Muratova Themed Week
Hello dear visitors!

This is it for our Kira Muratova week.
I hope me and Krasnaya might have inspired you to watch some of her movies if you haven't done it.

I will leave you with a short documentary below if you're interested in learning a little bit about this unique director. She would prefer for you to watch her movies and just forget about her though.

We have become quite attached to the cast of Kira's movies and we're going to give a try to Maski-Show, a silent comedy series where a few of her regular actors participated.

As it's becoming usual, tomorrow we will announce our next week's theme.

Below the documentary you can click on the images of the movies we saw this week and check out our little conversations and individual ratings (listed from best to worst).

The Tuner Review - Click Here
Three Stories Review - Click Here
The Long Farewell Review - Click Here
The Asthenic Syndrome - Click Here
Chekhovian Motifs - Click Here

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