Jul 17, 2022

Week 11 Wrap-up

James Caan Tribute Week Wrap-up

Hiya plebs!
Let's start our James Caan tribute week wrap-up.

Starting with the best - Misery (1990). Amazing movie that should be seen by everyone for pure entertainment reasons. James Caan and Kathy Bates are phenomenal in this movie, which left me on the edge of my seat for around an hour and a half. Krasnaya liked it so much that she's currently reading the book and reporting her findings back to me daily.

The Gambler (1974) is a good movie that analyses the psyche of an addict. I would say that it is lightly philosophical and with a few truly memorable scenes. That moment at the blackjack table is still lingering in my mind. James Caan gives a superb expression of delight when he sees the power of his will expressed on the cards.

Brian's Song (1971) is a sports bromance that will surely satisfy any American football fan. There are top quality one-liners in this movie.

Funny Lady (1975) is a dramedy musical that was able to keep us entertained for the first hour, then it completely sank and it was a chore to watch it 'till the end. There's some really mesmerizing dancing and singing and a hardcore musical fan will never be bored with this one, I bet.

Rollerball (1975) was a true disappointment for me because I was expecting the good stuff from this dystopian movie. Rollerball didn't age well. With all the futuristic sci-fi movies and TV series we have been gathering over the years, this one becomes irrelevant. The game of rollerball itself is not that special or amazingly creative and it occupies a lot of time on the screen.

Overall, I was not impressed with James Caan. YES, we didn't choose The Godfather movies. Simply because we've seen him 12349234 times and nobody needs another "critic" saying how amazing the whole trilogy is. We wanted to see James on a leading roll anyway. There aren't many movies where the guy takes the lead and this was the best he had, it seems. If I'm wrong please let me know.

Who left a big impression this week was Kathy Bates and we will be watching more movies with her soon.

4 of the movies were also from the 70s and they run for 2 hours. It was a little heavy on us this week. I like my movies on the 90 minute mark. Isn't that the perfect length? I think it is.

We are having a pause in our themed weeks, so we won't be posting daily for the next few weeks. Meanwhile, with no commitment, some movie reviews can still pop up at any time. We will be back soon to our weekly themes and post every day for your great pleasure. We know that the best feeling in the world comes from reading our movie reviews. We just ask you to have a little patience. 
Have a great week!
Our blog will stop to being update everyday at 21:00 (WEST) for an undetermined time.

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