Jul 23, 2015

Timecrimes (2007)

Timecrimes (2007) movie poster
Timecrimes (Spanish: Los Cronocr√≠menes) is a 2007 science fiction film with a time loop plot, written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo. An English language remake was originally planned to happen with United Artists, however the project never came into fruition and hit a deadline with no product. The project has moved to DreamWorks with Steve Zaillian attached to write and produce. 

Hector is an ordinary man who's moving to a new house with his wife. One evening, while he's looking through his binoculars, he sees a naked girl in the woods. He decides to go there just to find that same girl laying on a rock. Suddenly, a man with a pink bandage covering his face, stabs Hector in his arm with scissors...


P: Timecrimes is a mind-bending thriller about a guy who travels back in time while running from his future self that is trying to make him become him. Confusing already? It might be, but it's actually a very entertaining story. The time-continuum paradigm here is one similar to Back To The Future, where one is led to think that if the past doesn't happen, the future will cease to exist. So Hector, our time-traveler, tries to recreate the past to make everything right and avoid any unpredictable time paradoxes.

F: The picture above is my brain trying to figure this one out. I had some serious mixed feelings about this movie. The worst thing is when they try to make it into a horror movie. The bandage mask idea sucked! I don't know if there were some comical intentions in some of the scenes, but I thought they were just terribly unfunny and an ambient breaker.

P: Well, he had to wear a bandage because he'd seen the mask before. He also couldn't show his face to past Hector because it would cause weird time-space continuum feedback and destroy his future self. I guess.

F: Hector 1 is too Naive, I lost the reality feeling pretty soon. The Hector 2 part is boring because you are basically watching the movie from the start again. Hector 3 and his intentions are just too damn confusing. And with all these Hectors going around, which came first, the chicken or the egg?

P: I instantly thought the masked man was Hector from the future, trying to kill his past self, but then if he had done that he wouldn't be able to exist anymore, right?! The thing that put me off the most was the way Hector 2 behaves so differently from Hector 1. It's like he's not the same (and he isn't really... maybe that's just from banging his head on the steering wheel). I also thought he wanted to go back and tell his wife not to assemble the table outside because it wouldn't fit through the bedroom door. What a waste of money! I guess he got distracted by the hot girl. I know I did.

F: I was thinking something more like, " OK, so I've scared myself off to the time machine before and sent myself to the past in order to be the only one in the present screwing my wife atop of the table, ok, let's do that!" But then again, Hector 3 comes into play and I just lost it. I was a bit high also, that didn't help. I wouldn't mind watching this again.

P: Yeah, it makes you want to rewind and watch it again. What happened after that? Or was that before? In the end, I had to go back and see what had happened to Hectors 1 and 2. Were they trapped in an eternal timeloop? I'm watching it again same time tonight!

F: Don't do that dude! You'll get stuck in a loop where you're watching that shit over and over again trying to figure out something that can't be figured out.

F: Titties. Always important to this blog, what are your opinions on these, Preset C.?

P: Top notch! It's always great when they show titties early on, so you don't have to wait the whole movie to check those out! Nicely done.

F: Overall, I liked this movie. It challenged and hurt me brainz. Reality in this movie stands in a static universe where everything is predetermined. The main character is forever reliving a 100% predictable loop. Quantum physics does not approve this, I think. I'm going to confuse myself a bit more and watch this: CLICK HERE. Do you think time travel is possible? For me, time doesn't exist, so, you can't travel in something that doesn't exist.

Preset C. Score: 73/100
Freddy's Score: 59/100

Thank you for the suggestion X√£.

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