Jul 10, 2022

Week 10 Wrap-up

Week 10 Wrap-up

Hello people!
Let's do a quick wrap-up of this week. It's hard to be in front of the computer writing because it's 36ºc and I don't have air conditioning. We are trying to survive this heat in front of the rotating fan.

Let's start with the worst. Passing. You can pass this one. It's a boring and unoriginal movie. Read the novel that inspired it instead.

Then we have Ali & Ava, which is a romantic dramedy for forever-alone middle-aged people 😅. It has a great soundtrack: Bob Dylan, The Specials, Buzzcocks, etc.

After Love, a slow-paced drama about a woman's unexpected loss of her husband and the finding of his double life. It revolves around themes of religion, identity and, of course, love. Me and Krasnaya loved the movie's cinematography.

Last Night in Soho is a mystery horror thriller by one of my favorite directors from the UK. This Edgar Wright movie is the one that divided me and Krasnaya this week. She didn't like it very much. I loved it. Probably because of the two main protagonists ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Boiling Point is the one that we both highly recommend. Perhaps a movie that will work only on its first watch, but definitely a must watch.

This is it. Tomorrow we will bring you our theme of the week.

Below we have this week's movies ordered from best to worst.
Have a great week!
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Boiling Point Movie Review - Click Here
Boiling Point (2021) - Our Score: 91,5
After Love Review - Click Here
After Love (2020) - Our Score: 79,5
Ali & Ava Review - Click Here
Ali & Ava (2021) - Our Score: 65,5
Last Night in Soho Review - Click Here
Last Night in Soho (2021) - Our Score: 61
Passing Movie Review - Click Here
Passing (2021) - Our Score: 21



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