Jan 7, 2023

Week 14 Wrap-up

Zoey Deutch Week Wrap-up

Hi everyone!

This was it for our Zoey Deutch week. I'm glad none of the movies sucked hard and I was overall impressed with her acting. So let's start this wrap-up with the best movie.

The Outfit (2022) is a superb crime mystery movie set in only one location. The acting is superb and the story starts slow but will get you glued to your seat.

Buffaloed (2019) is unlike The Outfit. This comedy starts with a fast and interesting rhythm but it gets a little messy towards the end. It's a fun ride into the world of debt collectors nevertheless and made me have a few good laughs.

Before I Fall (2017) is a movie that I'm too old for. It's a teenage sci-fi drama that is a bit cringy for me, but the sci-fi component of the movie was able to keep me entertained.

Flower (2017) is a movie directed by Max Winkler that does a great job of mixing drama with comedy and is brilliantly led by Zoey Deutch. I believe this to be an unfairly underrated movie by critics and you should give it a try.

Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) is a movie that I believe will satisfy fans of the zombie genre. It has some gore, some really funny moments, especially thanks to Zoey, but there's nothing too special about it. It's a nice movie to enjoy with your popcorn.

Below you can find the movies rated from best to worst, as well as my favorite scene and song of the week.

All done, going to Taco Bell now!
Have a great week!
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The Outfit Review - Click Here
The Outfit (2022) - My Score: 90
Flower Review - Click Here
Flower (2017) - My Score: 73
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Buffaloed (2019) - My Score: 63
Zombieland: Double Tap Review - Click Here
Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) - My Score: 59
Before I Fall Review - Click Here
Before I Fall (2017) - My Score: 42



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