Jun 19, 2022

SABU Week Wrap-up


Hello dear visitors!
As we around here enjoyed SABU's movies so much, we are extending this past week's theme and we will watch 5 more movies directed by him.

Me and Krasnaya gave a perfect score to Mr. Long (2017), and were also very pleased with Jam (2018). We highly recommend watching these two movies first if you are interested in knowing this director's work.

My Blood and Bones in a Flowing Galaxy (2021) is also a very good and surprising movie, with a nice abrupt twist that introduces a new genre into the movie.

Bunny Drop (2011) will work well for very sensitive people who don't like violence and blood on their screens. It's a really soft and heartwarming movie with a moderate pace based on a manga of the same name. It's important to note that the end of the movie follows the story from the anime series and not the one from the manga. These endings are so different that they divided the Bunny Drop fandom.

Dangan Runner (1996) is not recommended for the exclusive Hollywood fan, but SABU explorers will have to watch it. So far, the 6 movies we have watched by SABU always have people running. It's a big deal and this movie is what started it all. It's there for you to interpret as you like. If you still wish to see an older movie by SABU I recommend Postman Blues (1997).

Below we have these week's movies ordered from best to worst.
Have a great week!
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