Jun 26, 2022

SABU week 2 wrap-up


Hello dear visitors!
For a quick wrap-up, this is what we got last week:

2005 was a weird year for SABU and we got Dead Run, which is a very depressing movie without SABU's usual dark humor, and Hold Up Down, which should be completely avoided because it is really bad.

Monday (2000) is probably one of his best movies from his early years and really worth a watch for its quirky dark sense of humor.

Kanikosen (2009) is SABU's political movie about the struggle of the proletarian aboard a crab factory boar, really interesting due to its historical setting, and both me and Krasnaya enjoyed it very much.

Dancing Mary (2019) is a really funny movie for me (Krasnaya didn't like it very much), it has lots of style and I found it very original.

We are leaving you a TOP 10 list of SABU's best movies so that you can know where to start. Trust us, we are experts...
(We didn't watch, therefore, consider for this list the following movies: Unlucky Monkey, Hard Luck Hero, Happiness, Chasuke's Journey, Miss Zombie, Blessing Bell).
Have a great week!
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